Student Body Demographics

The diversity of OUM’s student body is impressive, both in its range of professions and the native countries it represents. The majority of OUM students have many years of experience in the workforce, primarily in healthcare professions, but also in the business world. In short, the OUM student body:

  • averages 40.5 years of age, with a range of 24-62.
  • is 52% male, 48% female
  • lives primarily in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. Other countries of residence include Canada, Japan, Poland, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan.
  • has earned many advanced degrees: 46% hold Master’s degrees and 7 percent have earned a doctorate.

OUM now has 66 graduates practicing medicine, completing post-graduate training, or preparing for licensure exams in Australia, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa, and the USA.

OUM Student Birth Countries

 Hong Kong  
 New Zealand  
 Papua New Guinea  
 Puerto Rico  
 South Africa  
 Sri Lanka  
 United Arab Emirates   
 United Kingdom  
 United States  


OUM Student Professions Upon Enrollment

Nurse  25%
Nurse Practitioner  19%
Physician Assistant 11%
Emergency Medical Technician 7%
Pharmacist  6%
Chiropractor 4%
Healthcare Administration 3%
Non-healthcare Business 3%
Medical Technician 3%
Student 3%
Scientist 3%
Engineer 2%
Instructor 2%
Lawyer 2%
Physical Therapist 2%
Respiratory Therapist 2%
Other Clinical Professions 3%


While their backgrounds and professions are diverse, their visions are identical.  The school’s flexible distance-learning curriculum is ideal for those individuals who have professional and family commitments but wish to study medicine and become physicians.  

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