I 've already been to medical school. Do I need to take the preclinical courses again?

OUM cannot offer advance standing, for several reasons: a) Our program is case-based so it would be impossible to isolate which courses you may have had and which you have not; b) If you have been out of school for 10-15 years, you are going to need the review to pass the licensing exams; c) Some students who have attended Caribbean medical programs that offer advanced standing, after investing the time and money, have been denied medical licensure in certain states. If you're looking for a school with this option, OUM is not for you. Be diligent about understanding your state's requirements regarding advanced standing or credit for previous training. The advantage that your prior education will give you at OUM is that these past studies should make learning the material easier for you. Your previous schooling in health sciences, together with more than five years of clinical experience, may exempt you from taking the GAMSAT for entrance. Please contact the OUM admissions office for details.