What is the Introduction to Medicine course like?

Introduction to Medicine, or e-ITM, is the first module taken in the MD program and begins the preclinical phase of study. Over 20 weeks, in two-week blocks, the module’s focus is to provide a solid background and understanding of the basic sciences, introducing students to the language and major concepts of each discipline utilising the Collaborate virtual classroom.

The e-ITM begins with a required orientation day held either online or onsite in Sydney or Melbourne. The orientation will present strategies for success in medical school, an introduction to required IT modalities, and a “meet and greet” forum for students, faculty, administrators, and academic advisors.

Each basic science block is taught live Tuesday-Saturday mornings for two hours and recorded for viewing at a more convenient time. At the end of each two-week block, a final examination is administered. Upon completing the e-ITM, students take two five-week 200-series e-Foundation Sciences modules, which include more extensive exposure to the basic sciences. Students who do not progress successfully through the 200-series e-Foundation Sciences with a 60 per cent or higher score, are not ready to begin their system-based modules right away. These students will be recommended to do additional study on their deficient subjects in e-Foundation Sciences (e-Foundation 100 Series), held before the student may progress to the system-based modules. More extensively covering the same basic science disciplines taught during the e-ITM, e-Foundation Science 100-series modules are four weeks in duration and also delivered via Collaborate on a weekday schedule and are recorded for more convenient viewing. There are additional tuition fees for the e-Foundation 100 series.